Paul Y. is going dumb at the sideshow (captain_tragedy) wrote in cromptontronic,
Paul Y. is going dumb at the sideshow

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Nick: What the hell does Luc Van Acker even do?
Me: i'm really not sure
Me: i think he fits the same niche ogre does -- has no marketable skills whatsoever, yet somehow joined a band on a long term basis
Nick: Those types of d00ds were big in the 80s apparently
Me: it sure does look that way
Nick: I guess they latched themselves onto actual musicians as a folly for their lack of talent
Nick: Then again, that wouldn't apply to Kevin Crompton
Me: he's off in his own little world
Me: maybe he just has syphilis, and not herpes?
Me: syphilis, if left untreated, causes major brain damage
Nick: He likely has both. The syphilis led to his lack of judgement which gave him herpes!
Me: haha
Me: yes!
Nick: It also led to Skinny Puppy's entire musical career
Me: totally
Nick: This theory must be posted on Cromptontronic asap
Me: ok
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